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What’s Vendor Liability Insurance All About, Anyway?

As a fine artist, craft artist, or maker, the lion’s share of your work is probably done in your studio space. Whether you stick to a strict schedule or you keep things loose, it’s really the independence for you. Your need to create and the freedom of being your own boss could be what drew you to the profession, but more often than not you do need to interact with the public in order to make a living. Here’s how to keep yourself–and your clients–safe while you’re out of office.

Vendor, Defined

You might not think of yourself as a “vendor,” per se, but from clients visiting your studio to shows that highlight your wares, there are times when you fit the description. Let’s say you’re hoping to sell your jewelry, artwork, pottery, or other handmade items at a festival or show. As part of the (vendor) application process, you realize that you need liability insurance. Why? There are plenty of reasons. Anyone who interacts with the public could face a liability lawsuit.

Here’s what we’re thinking–picture it:

  • A customer or passerby might trip over your display or an exposed extension cord and sustain injuries

  • A rowdy child or pet could upset a heavy display, causing injury to themselves and others

  • A faulty power strip could start a fire and damage the show premises

  • Someone might claim they were harmed by one of your products and decide to sue

  • Your competitor could assert that your design is a copy of theirs

Need we go on?

The array of potential mishaps is as diverse as the creative passions that vendors pursue–there’s no end to what can go wrong. That’s why you need protection that is ready for whatever comes your way.

Liability Coverage For The Win

At Insurance for Artists by Zinc, we live up to our name. We know that you folks face a unique set of risks and liabilities. That’s why The Master Policy extends your liability coverage from your home or studio premises out to exhibition sites and shows of all kinds. Beyond that, coverage will also provide full product liability coverage for items you’ve already sold.

Now liability coverage isn’t property coverage, but that’s ok because The Master Policy also includes protection for your equipment, supplies, and finished work. So long as the circumstances fit our wide definition of covered risk, you’re golden. Choose from varying levels of liability and property coverage for the ultimate policy that hits all the marks. There’s even a way to up transit and exhibition coverage at any time.

Easy Access to Protection

As part of your application process, you might find that a venue requires proof of your liability insurance. Maybe they want to temporarily be listed as an additional insured on your certificate of insurance. No problem at all!

Our self-serve online portal allows you to generate your own certificate of insurance and download a digital copy you can then print if need be. What about the additional insured? Given the specific nature of your coverage, many of the places you’ll be displaying or selling your work are already afforded that status. Easy peasy, job done.

If you’re an artist or craftsperson who needs liability coverage for an upcoming event, reach out to learn more, and request your free online quote, right now! Insurance for Artists is part of the Zinc family of companies and we’re dedicated to protecting the individual. Let’s go places and do things.

This blog post does not provide insurance advice and is intended for information purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional insurance advice from a licensed representative. Never ignore professional insurance advice because of something you have read in this blog post. Contact your licensed representative if you have any questions about your insurance policy.

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