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Are You Protected at Fairs and in Outdoor Vending Situations?

Summer is right around the corner, and that means weekends full of outdoor fun in the sun. As an artisan or craft artist, you might have your whole summer season booked for fairs of every sort (art, county, Renaissance? Sure!), farmers markets, and other outdoor vending opportunities. As you gear up and increase production, be sure to spare some time for thinking about insurance. With Insurance for Artists by Zinc, you can know that you, your customers, and event organizers will be protected, no matter what the scene brings. Let’s get into what you’ll need.

What is Vendor Insurance?

As a dedicated artist who is passionate about their vision, you may not immediately think of yourself as a vendor. That said, if you’re attending seasonal fairs and shows with the intent to sell your pieces, then at least in those few days, you are most definitely acting as a vendor. As such, you’re assuming all the liabilities that a vendor has when it comes to damage or injury resulting from a product. You know, that piece that is the result of your hard work and long hours crafting and finishing? Yeah, that masterpiece that’s prominently on display in your booth could spell trouble if things slip sideways..

What happens if a potential customer accidentally knocks down a piece, injuring themselves or others? What if spilled liquid in your booth causes an electrical malfunction that affects the venue or another vendor? And what if, after leaving the market, your customer suffers injury or other damages and tries to recoup losses in a lawsuit against you?

None of that sounds too fun. And without a solid insurance policy, you’ll be left picking up the pieces, footing the bills, and fighting battles that could put you straight out of business. Now had there been a vending insurance policy in place, you would have had someone standing with and behind you, ready to support you with financial backing and other resources. Because, we’d all like to think that we’d never be on the wrong end of a lawsuit, but in today’s world, there’s just no way to guarantee that.

Everyone appreciates a friend in hard times–that precisely who we are. (Of course, we’ll be your friends in good times, too!) Everyone hopes that slip, trip, or fall never happens, but if it does, knowing that you and your customers are protected brings real peace of mind. And that means that you can get out there on the fair and farmers market circuit without worrying yourself silly.

When Do You Need Vendor Insurance?

The obvious answer here is, when you’re operating as a vendor. But you’re not doing that all year long. Fairs, festivals, outdoor markets, pop-ups and other events can be seasonal in nature, and only last a few days. It’s good to know that Insurance For Artists offers truly responsive coverage options for all you traveling artists out there.

With our Master Policy you can increase or decrease limits on the spot, to suit the risk you’re facing that day at that event. If you’re on the road for a show, or if it’s in the next town over, you also run the risk of your pieces being stolen, damaged, or otherwise ruined on the way to and from the venue. That’s why inland marine coverage is built into our policies. And if the venue or organization behind the show you’re attending wants to get in on the protection game, good news!–your policy more than likely already affords them Additional Insured status. Chat up your IFA or Zinc agent for more details and to be sure that we iron out liability limits to meet your specific needs.

Partner With The Pros

If you’re selling to the public, you absolutely, 100%, no excuses, need insurance by your side. Summer fairs, festivals, and pop-ups naturally bring along a wide exposure to risk. Vendor insurance protects you against the risks you’ll face but also brings you peace of mind and lets you get back to doing what you do best. So get out there and gain some new client exposure, all the while knowing that you’re protected against those pesky what-ifs.

Sign up online or via a chat with one of our expert agents. We’re ready to help you get out there!

This blog post does not provide insurance advice and is intended for information purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional insurance advice from a licensed representative. Never ignore professional insurance advice because of something you have read in this blog post. Contact your licensed representative if you have any questions about your insurance policy.

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